80th Anniversary of D-Day at The Tank Museum

Discover how The Tank Museum are commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day this May and June. From fascinating talks and tours, to themed half term activities.

D-Day Talks & Tours

Talks and tours dedicated to D-Day and the vehicles involved.

D-Day Merchandise

Shop D-Day books, clothing, models and more.

May Half Term

Half Term D-Day themed activities for the whole family to enjoy.

New Articles

How to Invent a DD Tank

How one of D-Day’s most iconic tanks was designed, by the inventor, Nicholas Straussler....

New Articles

Discover the tanks of D-Day

Discover the tanks of D-Day at The Tank Museum on the 80th Anniversary and experience live tank displays during the May half term, 25 May – 2 June....

New Articles

Tanks on D-Day

Tanks played a key part in the D-Day invasion, and particularly those peculiar, modified tanks known as Hobart’s Funnies....

New Articles

D-Day Veteran visits WW2: War Stories exhibition

D-Day Veteran Bill Wright, has been able to visit the WW2: War Stories exhibition in person, two months after attending a virtual opening....
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