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Published: 21/01/2022

Another two of David Fletcher’s iconic titles on British Second World War tanks are being published. 

Originally published in 1983, but out of print for many years, The Tank Museum is republishing two David Fletcher titles on the Churchill and Cromwell tanks as the next step in its programme to make David Fletcher’s early work available at a modern standard for a fair price.

Simon Prager, Head of Commercial Operations, says: “We are delighted to be publishing a further two titles by Historian David Fletcher.  This special boxed edition is an essential for fans of British World War Armour.

“Based around Official War Office Handbooks, both titles cover every facet of the vehicle from the engine, clutch, transmission, ammunition and armament.”

A colour image of a man, wearing a Tank Museum hi-vis hosing down a Churchill tank.
The Tank Museum's Churchill restoration was completed in 2020.

David supplements each with vehicle histories, alongside additional documents and scale diagrams.

In The Churchill Tank, David Fletcher details the troubled development of a tank which would become a stalwart of the Royal Armoured Corps and participate in some of the hardest fighting of the war.

The Cromwell Tank includes a genealogy of a tank that would play a vital role in the closing stages of the conflict, racing across North West Europe at the spearhead of the British Armoured Division.

“The success of the previous six republished David Fletcher titles has proven paramount in helping generate crucial funds throughout the pandemic”.

The first 500 pre-orders will receive a special collector’s pack with a certificate signed by the author, David Fletcher. All pre-orders before 21st February will receive their name in the acknowledgements section.

Copies are £29.99 and currently anticipated to ship from early April 2022.

A black and white image of a line up of Cromwell tanks with crew on the top.
The Cromwell tank in service
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