Tiger Day Autumn was a sell out event

4500 visitors attended the last Tiger Day of 2023 at The Tank Museum to see the world’s only running Tiger I tank in action.

 Tiger 131 runs only twice a year on Tiger Day in April and September and attracts visitors from all over the world for the rare opportunity to see this formidable German weapon in action.

Museum Curator David Willey said, “To have the Tiger 131 still thrilling crowds 80 years after its capture is a testament to the skill and dedication of our staff.”

The Tiger tank was a terrifying prospect for the Allies, and the capture of 131 allowed them to understand exactly what had been unleashed.

Tiger 131 and Sherman Fury
The Sherman 'Fury' battles the Tiger 131.
Tiger 131 is the world’s only running Tiger I tank.

Highlights of the day included a battle re-enactment and WW2 tank display, including fellow Hollywood film star Sherman ‘Fury’ and a special guest – an authentic replica Panzer I, in a unique demonstration of historic tanks in action.

Tiger 131 was designed by the Germans during World War II and captured in Tunisia in April 1943. It was passed to The Tank Museum in 1951, where it continues to captivate thousands of visitors every year.

Tiger Day is a sell-out event so make sure to book your 2024 tickets in advance.

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