TANKFEST Guest Vehicles

Every year for TANKFEST we work with other collections to bring you a variety of guest vehicles, which will be on display in the arena. Check this page for regular updates on which guest vehicles will be appearing at TANKFEST 2022.

Sherman M50

This Sherman M50 started life as a Sherman M4A4 during WW2. It was then repurposed for the Israeli Defense Force, with a new gun and redesignated as an M50.  It’s unusual paint scheme was designed to blend in with the blue sky high on a ridge line, when it served with the Southern Lebanese Army during the 1980’s. It is now part of the Eden Camp collection who have recently fully retored the vehicle to running order. It will be running at TANKFEST 2022 for the first time.

M18 Hellcat

Developed by the USA during the Second World War, the M18 Tank Destroyer was lighter and faster than most other armour, making it a formidable ambush vehicle. This particular vehicle saw service during WW2 and conflict in former Yugoslavia. It is part of the Phelps private collection and recently took part in the celebrations for the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of the city of Mons, Belgium.


The Soviet T-34 was the most produced tank of the Second World War and was widely exported after the war. The T-34/85 with its larger gun was an upgrade on its predecessor, the T-34/76. This particular vehicle was brought from Poland to the UK by the Sandstone Heritage Trust.

Jagdpanzer G13 Hetzer

The Hetzer is best known as a German light tank from the Second World War. This particular vehicle was made in Czechoslovakia after the Second World War and sold to Switzerland in 1947. They then designated it as a G13 and it was used in service by the Swiss armed forces. It is now part of the David Carson Military Vehicle Collection.

Lynx Scout Car I Mark III*

During the Second World War, Ford of Canada were invited by the British War Department to build a copy of British Daimler Dingo Scout Car and this was the result. This vehicle was used by the 1st Australian Armored Division and was clearly in action, as it sports a repaired bullet hole. This is the only known roadworthy example of a Lynx MKIII* in in the UK and was restored from a wreck by Mike Ebeling winning best in show at War & Peace, 1999.

Sherman M51

Sometimes referred to as the Super Sherman, the Sherman M51 was an upgrade to the Sherman M4A1 with a modified M4 (76) turret and French 105mm gun. 180 of these tanks were produced for use by the Israeli Defence Force during the 1960s.

Valentine DD

This is the only existing Valentine Mark IX Duplex Drive in running order and was restored over a number of years by John Pearson. The Valentine DD was one of the first tanks to be fitted with a flotation screen and was used in the run up to D-Day, as part of training the crews who would eventually land in Sherman DD’s.

Sherman M4A1

The Sherman was the most produced Allied tank of WW2. This M4A1 Sherman Havoc, is a product of Lima Locamotive in 1943. It has been driven over 500 road miles since restoration, as part of Operation Market Garden commemorations.

M16B Multiple Gun Carriage

The M16 was intended as a mobile anti-aircraft weapon and first used in 1944. By this point there were few enemy aircraft to engage, so the system was widely used against ground targets, where its high firepower made it popular. The M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage was a combination of the M3 halftrack and the M45 Quadmount, armed with 4 .50 calibre M2 machine guns.


The AMX-13 is a French light tank, produced from the 1950s to the 1980s and exported to over 25 different nations. This particular AMX-13 was manufactured in France and sports a 105mm rifled main armament. It has been fully restored, serviced and resprayed green, with decals added to represent its French heritage. The AMX-13 105 is being displayed at TANKFEST 2022 by the French Army Reenactment Group.

Panhard AML-90

The Panhard AML-90 is a French light armoured car. It has exceptional mobility and this particular version is equipped with a 90mm gun. The Panhard is being displayed at TANKFEST 2022 by the French Army Reenactment Group.


This is one of only two operational Ha-Go tanks left in the world. Production began in 1935 and over a thousand Type 95 Ha-Go tanks were produced by Japan during the Second World War. Private collector, Oliver Barnham, spent over ten years restoring this Ha-Go to running condition and almost all of the original features have been retained.


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