We have a full schedule of speakers ready to talk on the Lecture Stage at TANKFEST 2022. This year we will be welcoming YouTubers, serving personnel, historians and more! See the full TANKFEST Speakers schedule here

Bruce Crompton – WW2 Tank Restorations and Militaria Collecting

Bruce Crompton a well-known for starring in from TV show Combat Dealers. With a passion for all things military, including restoring tanks. Bruce has extensive knowledge on collecting militaria and his tank collection exceeds 50 tanks.

Lange Geiger – The History Guy

Lance Geiger is “The History Guy” on YouTube, where he tells forgotten stories of ancient and modern events “that deserve to be remembered.” His topics range from aviation history to forgotten battles, historical figures, and more from around the world. His award-winning channel has garnered more than 164 million views and one million subscribers. At TANKFEST The History Guy will be talking about one of the oddest tank battle in history.

Jesse Alexander – Great War Channel

Jesse Alexander is the host of the wildly popular Great War Channel, operated by Real Time History, which has documented the First World War from it’s start with plans to carry on covering events until 1923. Jesse has also presented a number of other Real Time History documentaries, inlcuding a series on the Battle of Berlin – a topic which he will be exploring during his talk at TANKFEST 2022.

Lt Col Tim Purbrick – Desert Storm Tank Commander

Tim Purbrick was a 17th/21st Lancers Tank Troop Commander attached to The Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars Battlegroup for OPERATION GRANBY, the UK contribution to the Coalition of Armed Forces which liberated Kuwait in 1991. He will be talking at TANKFEST about his experiences of the Gulf War as a Tank Commander. Watch Lt Col Purbrick’s recollection of his Challenger 1’s Long Range Tank Kill here.

Nico Ferrari – Action Vehicles in Hollywood Movies

Nico has years of experience designing, building, buying and sourcing vehicles for major blockbuster productions such as Fast & Furious, The Batman & BARBIE. He will be talking about how vehicles are chosen for films, how they’re built, bought or sourced and how they fit into the production of major films. Nico will also take you through the inner-workings of famous vehicle scenes he’s worked on.

Rich Jones – Transitioning out of the RTR

Rich’s open and honest talk about his transition from The Royal Tank Regiment, into organised crime, resulting in a 15 year prison sentence. He’s shining a light on the difficulties some veterans face once out of the forces, using his experience to  raise awareness of the problems some might face during that transition. Rich is now the creator of Project TLS, a veteran support programme and author of “Charlie Four Kilo”. He’s sharing his story in the hope that others won’t make the same mistakes.


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