A new premium experience day celebrating the Sherman tank in general – and one Hollywood star in particular.

Back after popular demand after its launch in 2021, designed for fans of the film “Fury” and focuses on what some believe to be the best Allied tank of the Second World War.

  • 18 March
  • 9am to 5pm
  • Delicious refreshments included
  • Discover all you’ve ever wanted to know about the Sherman
  • Find out how The Tank Museum was involved in the film
  • Get up close with one of the Museum’s most famous tanks


Per person


Hear from curator David Willey on how The Tank Museum found itself central to the production of a major Hollywood blockbuster. His illustrated talk will recount the experience from the first inquiries to taking the Director David Ayer and actors around the collection and outlining the support and guidance the Museum could supply. This led to much debate on the challenges to curatorial ethics associated with the loan of artefacts (including Tiger 131) for such a production. On set footage will show what the experience was like for the Tank Museum crew, and how The Tank Museum assesses the benefits of the association.

After the T34, the Sherman is the most prolific tank of the second world war – playing a crucial role on all fronts, in all theatres by all Allied armies – even the Soviets. A triumph of US mass production, and a symbol of the Lend Lease programme, it arrived just in time to serve with British Regiments at El-Alamein. In this lecture we’ll trace the development and combat lessons of this most important World War Two Tank.

An examination of key themes and scenes in the movie assessing historical accuracy and how difficult compromises have to be made in the creation of cinema.

Armed with a specially produced map, take a self-guided tour of The Tank Museum to examine the many variants of Sherman tank in the collection. Starting with Michael (The second Sherman off the line – and oldest surviving Sherman in the World), you’ll discover a story of utility, adaptability and learn to spot the subtle differences as the design developed.

A private display of some artefacts from the movie – plus see a range of important Sherman documents and artefacts from our Archive.

Enjoy a closer look at FURY and peer inside to see several “Modifications” made by Brad & Co.

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