Royal Armoured Corps Display

See the current Royal Armoured Corps vehicles in action!

On 9 October, the Royal Armoured Corps will be doing a display in The Tank Museum’s arena, which will be available for viewing for all visitors on that date. More information coming soon!


To support social distancing, we've put a limit on daily visitors. Please book your slot to guarantee entry, even if you already have a ticket, Annual Pass or membership.

Adult (17+)
Child (5-16)
Family (2 Adults + 2 Children)
Family (1 Adult + 2 Children)
Child (Under 5)
Nick G
25. July, 2021.
Tiger Day 15 Excellent day out, especially the bonus of live show of military vehicles. Great to see the hang crank the Tiger to start. Superb conservation hanger, vast selection of vehicles. Though great to see numbers limited but still very hard to police when people are in a daze about a vast selection, got to see numerous tanks that my grandfather recovered during the end of the war. Great and superb work the museum is doing to preserve not only Great Britain's history but other countries too
25. July, 2021.
The display of military vehicles outside was literally breathtaking all with a live talkover by an expert. Special day out. We visited during "tiger day" on the 24th of july, the staff were well informed and there seemed to be a similar sense of humour running throughout the whole place, I dont think I talked to one who didnt crack a joke 🙂 All the exhibits where in superb condition , plenty of people on hand to help , loads to see , we were there for 5 hours and there is still more we didnt get into. My wife us no tank enthusiast but thoroughly enjoyed the day
24. July, 2021.
Tiger Day fantastic Premium visit experience We attended Tiger Day today and had premium tickets. Staff were brilliant from the moment we arrived, extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The day was really well organised and staff worked really hard implementing additional Covid cleaning to keep everyone safe. We always enjoy visiting Bovington Tank Museum but today was certainly made very special, highly recommended
19. July, 2021.
Tanktastic day out Booked tickets in advance, arrived earlyish before the crowds, well laid out site with plenty of history to see. Your ticket allows re-entry for the next year, so we went back the next day to finish seeing some of the exhibits.
19. July, 2021.
A really interesting and educational experience. A fabulous day out. The whole museum is chock-full of facts and displays that capture and engage. We thought it would be a quick couple of hours, but we were there for over 5 hours in the end, and would have stayed longer if stamina allowed.If you are a buff of military history, this is definitely for you. Even my wife, who is not particularly interested in this (or at least wasn't before the visit) thoroughly enjoyed the entire day - it's that informative and interesting. There is something very "real" about seeing these beasts close-up, and learning about the servicemen who crewed them was also awe-inspiring.The onsite cafe is great value with a surprisingly wide selection of tasty dishes, so lunch and a bit of a break was sorted.We thoroughly recommend it, but either be prepared for a long day, or do it in a couple of trips (Annual passes are included in the ticket price).
16. July, 2021.
A great day out - informative, interesting and interactive. Simply a great museum with an amazing array of armoured vehicles from the inception of the tank to present day modern incarnations. Great historical references and good interactive activities throughout. Kids loved it too. Great shop at the end of the tour and restaurant is worth a visit too. Tanks everywhere and a solemn yet interesting Memorial Wall outside the main entrance. Staff excellent too.
15. July, 2021.
It's just amazing I probably run out of words to describe how amazing was the tank museum. As a tank enthusiastic for me to be there was like been in heaven. First time at Bovington and I hope to come back again, unfortunately I live too far in Edinburgh.A massive tank collection from WW1 up to now.Everything is well displayed and explained.Great seeing all tanks in a impeccable state, I can see a great effort from the museum team to put back these tanks to original.The feeling of standing next to these tanks from WW1 like MarkIV and WW2 like the Tiger and Churchill it's just an amazing feeling.We spent there yesterday about 5 and half hours and probably need an extra 2.All the staff are very good and made us feel very welcome.It's a museum who don't want rip people off, entrance price it's very affordable plus tickets are valid for whole year. Also prices at shop and restaurant are very good. Free parking.I will try somehow to come back again soon
13. July, 2021.
Excellent Day Out At the time I am writing this, we are currently on a holiday in Weymouth. We came here to visit as we came here a few years ago, and it is still very good.There was plenty to see and some of the tanks were truly amazing to stand next to and we will be returning in the future as there are many fun activities and it is great museum and there will never be a boring bit of this museum.
aaron r
11. July, 2021.
Incredible, well worth a visit. Couldn’t fault anything the entire day, every hall was spectacular. The trench experience was amazing and very well displayed. Staff were very welcoming and polite. Will be visiting again in the near future.
Ian L
11. July, 2021.
Brilliant Day Out An excellent museum with so much to see. Detail is amazing with an enormous display of every tank in history. Really interesting information on everything. Highlight had to be the Tiger Tanks. Staff were all excellent, informative & friendly. My second visit & plan to visit whenever in the area. Tickets are very reasonable. Highly recommended.

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