Royal Armoured Corps Display

See the current Royal Armoured Corps vehicles in action!

On 25 September, the Royal Armoured Corps will be doing a display in The Tank Museum’s arena, which will be available for viewing for all visitors on that date. More information coming soon!


As the Museum is currently closed, tickets are not available to purchase.

Adult (17+)
Child (5-16)
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Child (Under 5)
28. December, 2020.
A must visit Never seen so many and such variety of tanks . we start from the original concept and understand 100years of progression .All is well explained in a purpose built museum with refreshments available and well stocked souvenir shop .The concept of the heavy horsr and light horse in a cavalry has become the heavy and light tank of today .The Dragoons and household cavalry now have tanks
Stephen J
19. November, 2020.
Extremely good all-round visitor experience A very well-managed site. Extremely friendly and helpful entrance hall staff and staff around the museum were also very helpful,Excellent guidebook, extremely good value for money and available to order in advance when booking a slot under Covid regs.Catering was obviously set up for larger numbers than those present on an October mid-week day. Prices a bit high and the fish and chips no better than but dearer than, the same dish in an IKEAk cafe or example.The varying scale of the captioning from large wall pictures right down to little captions to be read close-up was very good. No dumbing down here - unlike the National Army Museum and the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth.The Helmand patrol base experience was quite good but having been there (and done that etc), it was not nearly noisy enough with engines and generators running, the floor too smooth and more could've been made of the toilet experiences and the catering. Still, a very good try! In a similar way, the recreation of the tank production line building Centurions was far too quiet and some more mannequins around the tanks would've helped create atmosphere - just look at the big pictures on the wall above the tanks!Excellent, well-stocked shop.
15. November, 2020.
Sooooo many tanks! Sooooo many tanks! Not sure what I was expecting but this place is HUGE! Goes some way to justify the quite high entry fee. What stood out at this place was it was not just a collection of tanks. The exhibition was themed and took you through earlier to later history of the tank and how they were used / developed and journeys of some of the people during different wars. I'm not a history buff really but still enjoyed it. If you like history you enjoy it even more than I did - you'll need lots of time to read everything. A gem, well worth the visit.
31. October, 2020.
A great day out for any tank enthusiasts Visited here on a whim to pass a rainy day in October and ended up very pleasantly surprised with how much there was to see and so here. We spent toughly 4 hours in the museum and we had a lot still to see when it started closing. Luckily it would seem that your admission tickets are valid for a year so you can come back and do what you missed.Sadly none of the live demonstrations were happening when we visited, but even so, there were many great exhibits ranging from the history of the tank, through to WWI, WWII and then the modern day Afghanistan conflicts.An absolute highlight of the day was the miniature tank driving you could do outside the museum. For £5 this was great fun and a great laugh.Sadly if you’re not interested in tanks, I feel there’s not really much here for you, but then it is a tank museum after all so what did you expect 😁
29. October, 2020.
Great value for money A very good day out. Interesting for kids and adults. We spent about three ours there with a short break for lunch. Good for the COVID stuff at the moment as well. One way system, hand gel everywhere etc. Great value for money.
Daniel C
29. October, 2020.
Tank Fest As you explore the museum you'll find hundreds of tanks from different decades and countries, from the first ones used during World war 1, to the more modern models. When I visited it was during tank fest and there were people dressed in WW2 outfits and had camps filled with WW2 memorabilia. There was sky diving, mock battles with real tanks and soldiers, and huge buildings filled with nothing but tanks. You could learn about the history of them, which wars they were used in and when they were made. You'll find a monument for British soldiers of the past and there's a nice cafe to relax after a long day, it was boiling hot when I went. There was also a demo of the game world of tanks and a gift shop at the end. If you are interested WW2 history or modern wars then you'll have a great time here.

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