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Military Medal

Country: United Kingdom

The Military Medal

Instituted in March 1916 for award to N.C.O.'s and men of the Army for individual or associated acts of bravery below the standard required for the D.C.M. Later in 1916 it was extended to women, two of the earliest awards being to civilian ladies for their conduct during the Easter Rising in Dublin that year. Bars were issued for subsequent awards - only one three bar medal was conferred in World War 1 and one two bar medal in World War 2. The World War 2 recipient was Sergeant William Frederick Kite, 3rd Royal Tank Regiment, whose medal collection is on display in the Museum.

The obverse bears the sovereign's effigy. The reverse has a crowned royal cipher above the inscription 'FOR BRAVERY IN THE FIELD', enclosed in a wreath.

The ribbon has broad dark blue edges flanking a central section of three narrow white and two narrow crimson stripes