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British Empire Medal

Country: United Kingdom

British Empire Medal

Formally called the Medal of the Order of the British Empire for Meritorious Service, it is generally known simply as the British Empire Medal. It is awarded for meritorious service by both civil and military personnel. No British awards have been made since 1995 but Commonwealth awards are still being made.

The obverse shows the seated figure of Britannia, her left hand resting on a shield and her right holding a trident with a blazing sun upper right. The words 'FOR GOD AND THE EMPIRE' are inscribed round the top, 'FOR' is in the waves beneath Britannia and 'MERITORIOUS SERVICE' is at the base. The reverse has either six or four lions around the outer edge and the words 'INSTITUTED BY KING GEORGE V'.

The ribbon is rose pink with pearly grey stripes at each edge and a central pearl grey stripe for Military recipients.