Roll of Honour

Thomson-Glover JP1663209th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's)UNITED KINGDOM6 October 19683
Tegner JFS430853North Irish HorseUNITED KINGDOM31 July 19673
Taylor J23222391North Irish HorseNORTHERN IRELAND28 August 19673
Synnott Jj238916435th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon GuardsMIDDLE EAST9 July 19663
Symes BD2322242317th/21st LancersUNITED KINGDOM23 July 19603
Swight FW31630110th Royal Hussars (Prince of Wales's Own)W EUROPE21 December 19623
Swallow W3449229The Queen's Own HussarsW EUROPE28 October 19603
Sutton RD26799711th Hussars (Prince Albert's Own)W EUROPE13 August 19653
Steel Jm238918644th Royal Tank RegimentF EAST22 January 19663
Stebbings R222687183rd Royal Tank RegimentUNITED KINGDOM21 April 19683
Stafford GC238333873rd Royal Tank RegimentUNITED KINGDOM3 August 19633
Spicer AJ43175811th Hussars (Prince Albert's Own)AUSTRALIA8 April 19613
Snelgrove TJ237124061st The Queen's Dragoon GuardsW EUROPE15 July 19643
Smyth TN23222910The Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons)W EUROPE27 July 19653
Smith T2405645717th/21st LancersW EUROPE26 January 19693
Smith K241314594th Royal Tank RegimentW EUROPE25 September 19693
Smales G2401239617th/21st LancersW EUROPE16 March 19673
Sloan Sb241182379th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's)W EUROPE6 October 19693
Slatter David John23865701Life Guards9 June 19623
Sinclair Js2366296816th/5th The Queen's Royal LancersW EUROPE26 July 19613