Roll of Honour

Hall B.V.T.252294262nd Royal Tank RegimentU.K. from injuries received in Afghanistan16 September 20093
Hammond Joshua P.W.252337562nd Royal Tank RegimentAFGHANISTAN1 July 20093
Hayes Mj250890851st The Queen's Dragoon GuardsUNITED KINGDOM1 October 20013
Hill KF24600014The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys)UNITED KINGDOM27 May 20013
Horvath C25103384The Light DragoonsUNITED KINGDOM16 November 20023
Johnson R.M.563615The Life GuardsAFGHANISTAN1 August 20063
Jones La25069031The Queen's Royal LancersGERMANY15 January 20003
Lawrence P.C.25207030The Light DragoonsAFGHANISTAN27 July 20093
Leaning B.25090260The Queen's Royal LancersIRAQ19 April 20073
Mansford D.M.25136576Royal Scots Dragoon GuardsGERMANY7 March 20063
McAllister Stewart James25200036The King's Royal Hussars29 October 20083
McBride Max James25211497The King's Royal Hussars23 May 20093
Mckeown C24742546The Queen's Royal HussarsUNITED KINGDOM20 May 20023
McNeil Alexander Mathison24381087The Queen's Own YeomanryNorthern Ireland7 June 20043
Mildinhall T.A.560291Queen's Dragoon GuardsIRAQ28 May 20063
Mitchell I25086324The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys)GERMANY10 February 20023
Mitchinson D.J.25061598The Life GuardsCANADA3 May 20053
Moffett N.D.25158870The Light DragoonsAFGHANISTAN30 May 20093
Mudd A25081097The Light DragoonsUNITED KINGDOM23 March 20003
Munday J25200161Household Cavalry RegimentAFGHANISTAN15 October 20083