Roll of Honour

Appleton Eric H6296163Royal Armoured CorpsBURMA4 May 19441
Appleton George R5529974th Queen's Own HussarsMIDDLE EAST13 April 19411
Appleyard Earnest7955294Reconnaissance CorpsAT SEA24 June 19441
Appleyard William D78927953rd County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters)MIDDLE EAST19 June 19441
Apps Walter E14284837Royal Armoured CorpsW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4527 June 19441
Apsley Allan A LORD12995The Royal Gloucestershire HussarsMALTA17 December 19421
Apthorp Shirely E0Royal Armoured CorpsW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4527 August 19441
Arbon Thomas W7890226East Riding of Yorkshire YeomanryFRANCE & BELGIUM CAMPAIGN 39/4026 May 19401
Arbuthnot Robert SIR881779th Queen's Royal LancersW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4530 June 19441
Archbold Nn222039034th Queen's Own HussarsFAR EAST1 January 19493
Archer Charles14317363Fife & Forfar YeomanryW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/456 August 19441
Archer David L391179817th/21st LancersNORTH AFRICA8 May 19431
Archer Frank7915534Royal Tank RegimentMIDDLE EAST28 October 19421
Archer Ng235440619th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's)NORTHERN IRELAND1 April 19613
Archer Ralph7883962Royal Tank RegimentFRANCE & BELGIUM CAMPAIGN 39/4023 May 19401
Archibald Douglas H4203702nd Lothians and Border HorseNORTH AFRICA21 February 19431
Arden Leslie3607992Reconnaissance CorpsW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4529 October 19441
Argyle Albert3205794th/7th Royal Dragoon GuardsFRANCE & BELGIUM CAMPAIGN 39/4019 May 19401
Aris Albert S6405255Royal Tank RegimentUNITED KINGDOM14 March 19431
Aris Arthur S790788911th Hussars (Prince Albert's Own)W EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4522 October 19441