Roll of Honour

Adams John792969923rd HussarsW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4518 July 19441
Adams Kenneth7888510Royal Tank RegimentITALY14 September 19441
Adams Richard259270Royal Armoured CorpsMIDDLE EAST8 April 19431
Adams Ronald R197299Reconnaissance CorpsBURMA26 March 19441
Adams T240123794th Royal Tank RegimentW EUROPE8 June 19673
Adams Thomas H400215The Royal Gloucestershire HussarsITALY26 July 19451
Adams Vincent W6011253Royal Tank RegimentMIDDLE EAST5 June 19421
Adams Walter D7919496Royal Armoured CorpsMIDDLE EAST12 September 19421
Adams Walter J320557Royal Armoured CorpsITALY19 December 19431
Adams William5054976Royal Armoured CorpsUNITED KINGDOM23 September 19421
Adamson Gordon4269493Royal Armoured Corps23 October 19493
Adamson John S421419Fife & Forfar YeomanryW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4528 June 19441
Adamson Reginald7885975Royal Tank RegimentW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4529 July 19441
Adcock Herbert5772198Reconnaissance CorpsFAR EAST12 September 19441
Addinall Thomas W318571The Queen's Own Yorkshire DragoonsMIDDLE EAST28 October 19421
Addington Richard W5779408Northamptonshire YeomanryW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4530 June 19441
Addis William701307122nd DragoonsW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/458 August 19441
Ades Edmond140787The Royal Gloucestershire HussarsMIDDLE EAST27 May 19421
Adey Walter543157Yorkshire Hussars (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own)MIDDLE EAST4 June 19411
Adkins Leslie F6294175Royal Armoured CorpsW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4519 September 19441