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About the Friends

Find out more about the Friends of The Tank Museum's history

Our Past

Founded in 1983, the Friends aimed to provide financial support at a time when the Museum faced an uncertain future. Since then they have played an important role in the growth of The Tank Museum, supporting a range of projects and endeavours.

The financial contributions the Friends have made can be seen in our exhibitions and in the vehicles that run in our arena. Friends have also proved to be a leading source of Workshop Volunteers, without whom TANKFEST and a number of other key museum events would not be possible. 

Our Future

The Friends are critical to the future of The Tank Museum. Your financial support will help ensure the sustainability of The Tank Museum in general, whilst contributing directly to the restoration, conservation and preservation of the unique vehicles in our collection.

For You

In exchange for your support, we offer a range of benefits and discounts which we are reviewing and developing to ensure that being a member of the Friends of The Tank Museum is satisfying and rewarding. We’ll keep you up to date with news and event information and show you how we’re using your money to achieve our charitable objectives.