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August on the Museum's YouTube Channel

August 2020 – The Tank Museum continues its war on boredom with the latest release of online content. 

Although The Tank Museum has now reopen, there are a large number of people who cannot travel to the Museum to visit. Therefore, our continued programme of additional activity transports The Tank Museum into your home via The Tank Museums Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Channel.

WW1 & Interwar Tanks in Action

TANKFEST Online’s WW1 and Interwar Tanks in Action display, including a special feature on the LK II from Arsenalen – The Swedish Tank Museum. Also featured: Little Willie, the Mark IV replica, the A7V replica, Rolls Royce Armoured Car and much, much more! Commentary from Curator David Willey.

Curator Q&A #21 | Panthers in Disguise

In his latest Q&A, Tank Museum Curator David Willey talks outdated tanks, how to transport tanks, military watches, Panthers in disguise, unmanned tanks and much, much more!

Saved by a Helmet | Courageous Restraint

Join The Tank Museum’s Director Richard Smith as he shares an incredible true story – the moment Lance Corporal Craig Murfitt of 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, survived a shot to the head in Afghanistan, 2010.

Tank Chats #104 | T-54 & T-55

Here Curator David Willey discusses the T-54, and its successor the T-55, tanks which can source their routes back to the Second World War and are probably the most produced tanks of all time.

Chris van Schaardenburgh | Top 5 Tanks

This weekend is Tiger Day 13. When we organise events like Tiger Day, one of the most important members of staff is our head of collections and presenter of Tank Workshop Diaries: Chris van Schaardenburgh. To celebrate The Tank Museum’s largest non-native English-speaking audience: Germans, Chris has chosen his Top 5 Tanks – in German!

Early WW2 Tanks in Action

TANKFEST Online’s Early WW2 Tanks in Action display, including a special feature on the Somua S35 from the Musée des Blindés. Also featured are the Char B1, Matilda 1, Matilda II, Valentine, Panzer III, M3 Stuart and much, much more! Commentary from Curator David Willey.