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Bulldog is the most modern version of the British Army’s long serving armoured personnel carrier.

Since its introduction in the 1960s the FV432 has been the most common member of the FV430 family, mainly used for transporting infantry on the battlefield. Several members of the family are still in service with the British Army in 2023, in roles such as ambulances, command posts and recovery vehicles. The name Bulldog applies only to the upgraded Mark 3 versions, introduced from 2002 and fitted with a new 6 cylinder diesel engine and automatic transmission.

The Tank Museum’s Bulldog

Built by GKN Sankey as an FV432 Mark 2/1, 04FA34 entered service with the British Army on 3rd June 1969. It spent the Cold War serving in West Germany with several units of the British Army of the Rhine, first joining 44 Field Support Squadron, 26th Engineer Regiment Royal Engineers on 20th August 1969. From 1988 it was used by two Royal Armoured Corps units, the Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars, then the 14th/20th King’s Hussars. After being upgraded to a Bulldog it served in Basra, Iraq with 1st Battalion, Royal Green Jackets on Operation Telic 9 in 2007.


Tank facts

Country of use
Full Name
Carrier, Personnel, Full Tracked, FV432 Mark 3 (Bulldog 2)
52.2 kph
13.75 tonnes
Main Weapon
0.50 cal heavy machine gun
Produced by
Cold War
Cold War


BritishCold War
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