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The BvS 10 (known as the Viking All-Terrain Vehicle) was developed by Hagglunds Vehicle (now BAE Systems Hagglunds) for the UK Royal Marines.

In February 2004, after extensive trialling, the BvS 10 was accepted into service with the Royal Marines as the Viking All-Terrain Vehicle (Protected) and by 2005 the initial order of 108 Vikings had been delivered. Capable of operating in temperatures as low as -46 degrees celsius and as high +50 degrees celsius the BvS 10 (the Bv stands for Bandvagn – `track laying vehicle’ in Swedish) Viking provides the Royal Marines with a fully amphibious vehicle for use in any climate.

The Tank Museum’s Viking

Currenly on loan from the Royal Marines Armoured Support Group (ASG), the Tank Museum’s Viking exhibit is the second of the two original pre-production BvS 10 which were extensively trialled by the Royal Marines for 12 months from mid-2001. As well as fitting the bar armour, wire cutter and a Mark II Platt Mount protected weapons station (kindly supplied by the Royal Marines ASG), Tank Museum Workshop staff have modified aerials, added IR lights, stowage etc. and repainted and extensively upgraded the original pre-production BvS 10 to look like a Royal Marine ASG Viking Mk I in contemporary service in Afghanistan.


Tank facts

Country of use
Britain, France, Netherlands, Sweden
Full Name
BvS 10 All Terrain Vehicle Viking
11.3 tonnes
Main Weapon
7.62mm L7 Machine Gun
Main Utility Type
Troop Carrier
Produced by
Battlegroup Afghanistan
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