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Book now for 2019

Neil Grant, Friend of The Tank Museum and administrator for the Friends Facebook page, has created a fantastic schedule of events for 2019. To keep prices low, these are not exclusively Friends of The Tank Museum events and spaces are limited. Please get in touch with Neil at with the event you would like to attend and your membership number. 

Escape Room Swindon (7 September, £20)
Can your team use their analytical and deductive skills to escape from the locked room before the time limit elapses and the air runs out? Note that there are multiple escape room set ups at the site, so you can do both the April and September dates if you want.

Vulcan Bomber Experience (14 September, £20)
A chance to get on board one of the most iconic British Cold War aircraft. We get a walk around the aircraft with the ground crew, who will talk us through how to arm, fuel and maintain the aircraft. We will then see the aircraft being powered up from ground power, so we can see control surfaces move, open the bomb bay doors etc. Finally, we get into the cockpit for a talk from former air crew about flying the aircraft operationally.

Avebury, Silbury & West Kennet (22 September, Free)
A guided tour of these related Neolithic monuments in Wiltshire. Note that this visit will involve a certain amount of walking.

Stonehenge Stone Circle Special Access (Early Morning) (29 September, £15)
This is one of two annual special stone circle access trip that allows a limited number of people inside the rope barriers around the monument, and into the circle itself. We get an hour inside the circle for photography etc, and there will be a short, optional talk pointing out some features not normally visible from outside the circle. Note that this trip will be before the monument opens to the public, so it is a very early start and you will need to be at the site by 0630. There is a similar trip in the evening in May, for those who don't want to get up so ridiculously early. 

Tank Driving Day (6 October, £175)
Pretty much what it says on the tin – you get to drive four different military vehicles -a Chieftain tank, Abbott self-propelled gun, Stormer load carrier and FV432 APC. Near Winchester, no prior experience necessary. 

To Be Confirmed 
Tudor Baking (TBA, £35)
Learn to make Tudor bread and cakes and bake them in a wood-fired oven in a historic property at the Chiltern Open Air Museum. The course lasts half a day, and you get the other half day free to tour the rest of the museum

Hands-on Falconry (TBA, £45)
A half-day session with a falconry school at a historic property in Northamptonshire. We will receive a talk about falconry, then fly three different birds (which ones will vary from day to day), which will actually fly to your hand. Definitely one to take the camera for! Note that this activity is weather dependent – basically, the birds don’t fly in heavy rain. Due to the very small group size, in order to allow each person a decent amount of time with each bird, we will find out who is interested and then arrange a time to suit those people.

“Artistic” Blacksmithing Day (TBA, £140)
This is a basic blacksmithing course with no prior experience required, run near Marlborough. As part of the course, you will make a metal ornament of your own design, hence the “artistic” label, to distinguish it from farriery or bladesmithing type blacksmith work. As the work is fairly small scale, no particular physical strength is required.

Polo Taster Day (TBA, £120)
This starts with an explanation of the rules and learning to hit a polo ball correctly on a wooden horse, before mounting up and learning to apply the knowledge on horseback. Note that the venue for this is likely to be in the Midlands, but may change. Being able to ride is a requirement for this session.

Horse Archery Day (TBA, £185)
This session is Hertfordshire. It starts with a short ground session teaching the specialist horse archery draw before mounting up and learning to apply the knowledge on horseback. Being able to ride is helpful but NOT a requirement for this session – at beginner level the targets are in a straight line, and the horses are well trained to run straight.

Zombie Boot Camp (TBA, £99)
As part of a small group of survivors, armed with simulated modern weapons, you have to fight hordes of zombies in a 32,000 square foot purpose-built gaming area including streets, bunkers and tunnel complexes, some of them filled with disorienting lights and smoke. Then you get made up as a zombie, and get to try and eat the brains of the next group of poor fools..... Note that this is located in the West Midlands, and is a relatively physical day.

Visit to the French Tank Museum, Saumur (TBA, circa £500)
This will probably be a long weekend trip – travel down one day, two full days at the museum with an English-speaking guide and travel back on the last day. The price will include travel, hotels, admission and guide. We're still in the planning process on this and much will depend on how many people want to go, but it is likely to be mid-2020. Email to join the mailing list.