Friends of The Tank Museum Events

Book now for 2018

Neil Grant, Friend of The Tank Museum and administrator for the Friends Facebook page, has created a fantastic schedule of events for 2018. To keep prices low, these are not exclusively Friends of The Tank Museum events and spaces are limited. Please get in touch with Neil at with the event you would like to attend and your membership number.


Vickers Machine Gun Collection (14 April, £5)

A definite must for anyone with an interest in the Great War, this gives us an afternoon of hands-on access to a very extensive collection of…well, pretty much everything to do with these iconic weapons. Near Swindon.

Defence Academy Collection - CANCELLED, TO BE RESCHEDULED

A chance to get access to the teaching collections of small arms, artillery and armoured vehicles at the defence academy, Shrivenham. This is a full day session, and will include lectures, collection tours and a chance to get hands on with some rare prototypes



Avebury, Silbury & West Kennet (6 May, Free)

A guided tour of these related Neolithic monuments in Wiltshire. Note that this visit will involve a certain amount of walking.

SCUBA taster session (16 May, £30)

A chance to find out what SCUBA diving is like in a safe one-hour pool session. This is an evening session, near Swindon.

Tudor Baking (19 May, £35)

Learn to make Tudor bread and cakes and bake them in a wood-fired oven in a historic property at the Chiltern Open Air Museum. The course lasts half a day, and you get the other half day free to tour the rest of the museum.

Fort Nelson VIP tour (20 May, £25) SOLD OUT

Fort Nelson holds the artillery collection of the Royal Armouries, from gunpowder artillery to guided missiles. This VIP trip gets us access to the museum, a special “behind the scenes” tour, hot lunch in the café and one lucky person in the group (picked by lot) gets to fire a 25pdr field gun while the rest of us watch.



Axe & Knife Throwing (2 June, £20)

A half day session learning to throw tomahawks, axes and throwing knives, located near Bath. No previous experience is necessary, and the session will be tailored to the people attending, so if you want to concentrate on axes or whatever, you can do so.

The Weald Foundation (3 June May, £30)

A chance to get “behind the scenes” at an important collection of restored military vehicles near Maidstone, including looking at the workshops and restoration process.

REME Museum (23 June, £7)

A guided tour of the newly opened REME museum, now relocated to Lyneham.



Highclere Castle (1 Jul, £23)

Famous as the home of Lord Caernarvon, leader of the exhibition which discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen, and now more famous as the setting for Downton Abbey, this gets us admission to the castle, gardens and Egyptian exhibition. Near Newbury.

Winchester Military Museums (22 July, £5)

A chance to visit five co-located military museums, including the King’s Royal Hussars, featuring their history as a cavalry regiment before mechanisation ad as an armoured regiment afterwards, the Ghurkha museum, the Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) museum and the Royal Hampshire Regiment.



Prehistoric flint tool making (August TBA, £80)

A full day session learning to knap flint to create workable prehistoric stone tools. Located near Bury St Edmunds. Despite rumours, you will not be required to use them to bring down an antelope for lunch. Date will depend on who is interested.

Axe Throwing (26 August, £20)

A half-day session learning to throw tomahawks, axes and throwing knives, located near Bath. No previous experience is necessary, and the session will be tailored to the people attending, so if you want to concentrate on axes or whatever, you can do so, or try anything you didn’t try on one of the previous sessions.

VIP Spitfire & Hurricane Experience (Aug TBA, £70)

A private guided walk around of restored WW2 Hurricane and Spitfire fighters, guided by the team who restored them, plus actually getting to sit in the cockpit of the spitfire and being talked through how to fly it. Located in Kent. Exact date will vary according to those booking.

Vulcan Bomber Experience (25 August 2017, £25)

A chance to get on board one of the most iconic British cold war aircraft. We get a walk around a preserved and operational aircraft with the ground crew, who will talk us through how to arm, fuel and maintain the aircraft. We will then see the aircraft being powered up from ground power, so we can see control surfaces move, open the bomb bay doors etc. Finally, we get into the cockpit for a talk from former air crew about flying the aircraft operationally.



Stonehenge Stone Circle Access (1 September, £15)

This trip gets a limited number of people inside the normal rope barriers around the monument and into the circle itself. We get an hour inside the circle for photography etc, and there will be a short, optional talk pointing out some features not normally visible from outside the circle. Note that as this trip has to happen before the site opens to the public, it is a very early start, and you will need to be at the site by 0615. The trip includes entry to the exhibition at the visitor centre after the circle visit.

Tank Driving Day (22 September, £175)

Pretty much what it says on the tin – you get to drive three different military vehicles -a Chieftain tank, Abbott self-propelled gun and FV432 APC. Near Winchester. The exact day will depend on who is interested.


TOAD (The Oxford Artisan Distillery) (14 October, £20)

A “behind the scenes” tour of Oxford’s craft distillery, including tasting some of the variety of spirits produced.

Victorian Valhalla – Kensal Green Cemetery (28 October, £5)

Kensal Green was the greatest and most fashionable of the Victorian cemeteries around London, built in a largely gothic style which means its elaborate sculptures and mausolea have been used as settings for a number of horror movies. Our guided tour will showcase the most striking monuments and the graves of some of its most famous occupants. West London.



Kew Bridge Steam Museum (18 November, £12.50)

The museum holds a large collection of static steam engines, including the huge 90in bore engine that pumped Victorian London’s water, all housed in the original Victorian-Italianate engine house. The visit is on a day when we can see some of their engines actually in steam. Transport to London is not included.

Escape Room Oxford 25 November, £15)

Can your team use their analytical and deductive skills to escape from the locked room before the time limit elapses and the air runs out? Note that this will be a completely different escape room set-up than the one in April, so you can do both