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Tiger Day 12 FAQs

Frequently asked questions for Tiger Day 12

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What time does the event open?
The public event will open at 9.00am
Car parks will open at 8.00am

Which Tanks will be on show/in the arena?
Tiger 131, Panzer III, Churchill Mark III, Stuart, Comet, Sherman 'Fury', Leopard 1, Challenger 1, T-72, German motorcycles and soft-skin vehicles (all subject to mechanical availability). 

Is Tiger Day an outdoor event?
Yes, some of it is. The arena display takes place outside, please be prepared for all weather. Don't forget your sunscreen and your rain coat/umbrella! 

Can I use my Annual Pass for admission to Tiger Day?
Tiger Day is a ‘Special Event day’, therefore annual passes are not valid.

Is the event accessible to people in wheelchairs?
Yes, there are lifts and/or ramps available in the main Museum & Vehicle Conservation Centre. Please note some outdoor surfaces around site are uneven.

Is there Disabled Parking?
Yes, Disabled Parking is available within the Museum grounds, please follow the road signs & ensure you display your blue badge.

Is there a cash machine onsite?
Yes, there is a free cash machine inside the main Museum building.

Can I look around the Museum & Vehicle Conservation Centre for my entrance fee?
Yes, your Tiger Day ticket includes access to the Museum and Vehicle Conservation Centre which will be open from 9.00 - 18.00. Don’t forget that your Tiger Day ticket allows you one year’s membership for free future visits, excluding other Special Event days.

What is the Vehicle Conservation Centre?
The Vehicle Conservation Centre is a temperature controlled storage area of non-displayed tanks. At Tiger Day you will have access to the floor, as opposed to the viewing balcony during normal opening hours.

Are catering facilities available?
In addition to the Museum restaurant and café, there are caterers onsite, located outside the museum serving hot and cold food.

Am I allowed to bring my dog to Tiger Day?
Regretfully, dogs are not allowed onsite, with the exception of disability assistance dogs. We ask owners not to leave dogs in their vehicles. 

What is the cost for the Military?
MOD90 card holders are required to purchase tickets for this event. Standard event admission prices will apply and tickets must be purchased in advance.

Gift Aid
As a registered charity we can reclaim tax on your admission payment if made by a UK tax payer.
Please note: Yearly gift aid passes are not valid for admission to Tiger Day.

If I book a Tiger Day ticket before the event, when does my annual pass start?
The first time you visit the museum is when your annual pass starts, e.g.: If you buy your ticket in January and come to the museum in March, then your annual pass will start in March.

Travelling to The Tank Museum
Road: The Tank Museum, Lindsay Road, Bovington, BH20 6JG

Rail: Nearest station is Wool, Dorset (2.5 miles) – There will be a shuttle bus running from Wool station to The Tank Museum for a small extra charge - find the timetable here.

Air: Nearest airport is Bournemouth, Dorset (25 miles) -

Sea: Poole, Dorset offers routes from Cherbourg, or Portsmouth from Le Harve, Cherbourg and St Malo -

Where can I stay in the Dorset area, close to The Tank Museum? 
There is a variety of accommodation in the local area, with hotel, B&B or camp site, check accommodation provider websites like TripAdvisor for more information.

The Tank Museum is a registered charity - Charity No.: 1102661
The Tank Museum is a not for profit organisation.
The Tank Museum is the Museum of the Royal Tank Regiment & Royal Armoured Corps.

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