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Guest Vehicles | German Motorcycle Display

As part of the Arena Display, see a wide range of Second World War German motorcycles, bicycles, IF8 trailers and combinations. You'll also get the chance to talk to the owners. 

Arena Display Vehicles

The Tank Museum is pleased to announce the list of vehicles running in the Tiger Day 11 arena display. 

Second World War German Armour

  • Tiger 131
  • Panzer III
  • StuG III
Second World War Allied Armour
  • Matilda I
  • Matilda II
  • Valentine
  • Sherman 'Fury'
  • Stuart
  • Comet
Second World War Support Vehicles
  • Kettenkrad
  • K├╝belwagen
  • M16 Half-Track
  • Hotchkiss Jeep
  • German motorcycles
  • German staff car
Post-War Armour
  • Leopard 1
  • Chieftain 
  • M60
Due to the age of these vehicles, this list is subject to change.

Guest Vehicles | StuG III

The Sturmgeschutz was the workhorse of the German Army in the Second World War and there are only a handful still running in the world. The beautifully restored example running at Tiger Day 11 have been lent to The Tank Museum by Steve Lamonby. 


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