80th Royal Armoured Corps Anniversary Tank Display

Celebrate 80 years of the RAC with modern and historic vehicle display

4th April 2019

On the 4th April 2019, see 80 years of Royal Armoured Corps vehicles and The Tank Museum's new exhibition - Long After the Battle. 

This is eighty years from the day the newly mechanised regiments of the Cavalry combined with the battalions of the Royal Tank Corps to create a single Corps, known as The Royal Armoured Corps. 

To celebrate the anniversary of this event, the Museum in conjunction with the RAC will be running a vehicle display. See historic tanks from the Museum's collection, followed by modern British Army vehicles, with expert commentary from Curator David Willey and Simon Ledger. 

Public Events 

12 noon: Vehicle Display in Kuwait Arena - ANNUAL PASSES VALID. Normal Admission applies.
  • Tank Museum Vehicles: Sherman 'Fury'; Comet; Stuart; Morris Armoured Car; Chieftain MBT; Scorpion; Ferret. 
  • British Army Vehicles: Challenger 2; Jackal; Scimitar; Ares. 

Mid-Afternoon: Explore the new exhibition - Long After the Battle. 

Normal Museum Admission costs apply

Find out more about Long After the Battle here