The Tank Museum | Fox Armoured Car for the King of Jordan

Fox Armoured Car for the King of Jordan

A model built by one of The Tank Museum Modellers

28th July 2016

Richard Amphlett, one of The Tank Museum Modellers, was recently asked to create a model for a very special customer...

In January I was asked if I could build a Fox Armoured Car in 1/35 scale and the only one being available was the resin kit by Accurate Armour.

I was not too happy about this as I am not a great fan of resin kits but as I knew the gentleman, Colonel Jeremy Selfe, I agreed to do it and the commission fee was acceptable. At the time I was told that the model was not to be painted as it was going to be coated in silver!!

King of JordanI was assured that this was possible and that a company in Devizes was able to do it, having done work for Accurate Armour and Airfix Models in the past.

It was explained to me that this was to be a presentation model to a former colleague in the 13th/18th Hussars who was Troop Commander in the Regiment. The group of former officers who were to present the finished model to him included the former Commanding Officer, The Adjutant and Squadron Leader.

(Right) Col. Jeremy Selfe presents the model to HM King Abdullah II of Jordan

The model was purchased and the first job was to identify all the parts and give them a good wash in warm soapy water. I was surprised to find that the model went together very well with no construction problems apart from an ill fitting driver’s hatch. A replacement main gun was made as the kit one was very poor. The wheels were left off, as requested by the silvering company and the turret was removable anyway.

I did ask if I could spray a primer coat on the finished model so I could see any faults but was asked not to, as it could cause problems when adding the silver and that they would check the model first. My part in the construction was finished within two weeks and taken to Peter Hicks Ltd. of Devizes to be silvered and mounted on a plinth.

I was informed that the model was for a former colleague in the regiment and later in the conversation it was revealed that it was for King Abdullah II of Jordan… no pressure then! With this in mind, I said, right, here’s the deal - You bring back a nice presentation photograph handing the model to King Abdullah and you can cancel my commission fee. (See above).

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