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Tanks in Town

The Tank Museum marks the 100th anniversary of the first tank battle.

23rd September 2016

Last week The Tank Museum took a replica First World War tank to Trafalgar Square, to mark the 100th anniversary of the first tank battle in history.

Supported by Wargaming, the Mark IV replica was placed on Trafalgar Square at 5am until 11am when it drove off the Square and through Admiralty Arch. For the remainder of the day the Mark IV was parked next to the Royal Tank Regiment's Challenger 2 on Horse Guards Parade. 

Thousands of people came to see the tanks and learn about the Battle of Flers, on 15 September 1916, when Mark I tanks went in to action for the very first time. The day was a great success and, in combination with extensive media coverage, the Museum was able to tell it's story to millions of people.

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