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New Tank Museum Publications

Four new books have been released on the subject of armoured warfare.

4th October 2016

The Museum has worked in collaboration with a number of publishers over the past year to produce four new publications.

Chieftain Manual_WHITE_150pxHaynes Chieftain Manual

Marking the 50th anniversary of its entry into service, the Chieftain Main Battle Tank is the latest vehicle to be celebrated by publisher Haynes in its line of military-focused Owners’ Workshop Manuals.

It was written by former Chieftain tank commander Dick Taylor, in association with The Tank Museum. Click here to buy now.Tank_Carlton Book_003_Shop EDIT_150

Tanks: 100 Years of Armoured Warfare 

Written by and signed by Curator David Willey and Robin Cross, this Carlton Books publication, this authoritative book charts the tank’s first century. It features rare removable documents from the Museum's archive and beautiful spreads of archive images. Click here to buy now.

Battle Tanks Book_150pxBritish Battle Tanks, by David Fletcher

Published by Osprey, this comprehensive volume explores the history of the tank, from the very early design concepts up to the start of the Second World War. Signed by David Fletcher, it is a must have for David Fletcher and armoured vehicle fans alike. Click here to buy now.

Tank 100 Souvenir Guide_150pxTank Centenary: The Story of the First Tank Crews

With the hundredth anniversary of the tank, this souvenir booklet looks at the people involved in the story – it pays tribute to their innovation, tenacity and courage and shows how the tank became an icon of war, both on the battlefield and in the imagination of the public at home. Click here to buy now.