The Tank Museum | From the Royal Netherlands Army

From the Royal Netherlands Army

Generous donations to the Museum.

21st October 2016

The Royal Netherlands Army have made a number of generous donations to the Museum over the last few months.

At TANKFEST a Leopard 2A4 took to the arena, kindly lent by the Historic Collection of the Royal Netherlands Army. The Leopard 2A4 was in service with the Royal Netherlands Army from the late 1980’s until early 2000’s. The Dutch visitors also brought a Leopard 'Badkuip' or 'Bath Tub', a Leopard 2 without a turret, which visitors to TANKFEST could pay for rides on.

At Tank 100 the Royal Netherlands Army donated the proceeds of these rides to the Museum. Gerard Santes from the Historic Collection of the Royal Netherlands Army presented a cheque for £3000 to the Museum for the on-going repairs to the Valentine Mark IX. The overhaul of the Valentine wouldn't have been possible without it.

Finally the Museum was also given a lifting hoist for the Leopard 1 to ensure that the engine can be lifted as carefully as possible from its bay.

Sincere thanks go to the Royal Netherlands Army from The Tank Museum for its many generous donations and for bringing its vehicles to the UK.