The Tank Museum | Patreonniversary


Thanking Our Patrons for Two Years of Support

2nd July 2019

July marks two years of support from our Patrons.

To celebrate this milestone, we are offering 15% off anything from The Tank Museum's shop.* Whether it's model tanks, books, posters or t-shirts with your favourite moustachioed tank historian, we've got everything to satisfy the most avid Tankie. 

DavidsWe hold what is arguably the world’s best collection of tanks, and we think we preserve, conserve and display them better than any other similar museum. We’ve been striving to share our story, our enthusiasm and our passion beyond those fortunate enough to be able to visit the Museum for some time now.
As a charity we rely on public support for all our activities. Our work is funded entirely by people like you. With your support we can continue to create content. With the right support we might be able to do it more regularly – and can be even more ambitious.

Plus… you will be directly supporting our efforts to conserve and preserve our unique collections – and keep iconic tanks like Tiger 131 in action for generations to come. And that means the videos will keep on coming!

*Excludes memberships, subscriptions, gift tickets, and shipping.