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A Very British piece of Tankies' Equipment

A Shining Example of a No.1 Mk.2 Boiling Vessel

10th February 2020

A shining example of the “single most important piece of equipment” in a British Tank.

Boiling Vessel

This No. 1 Mk. 2 stainless steel boiling vessel is for the Challenger 1 tank. It might look a tad unusual, but in this case, the additional gleam is a result of a decorative chrome layering. 

Donated to the Museum’s Archives this week, the boiling vessel was a gift from the Donor’s father following his retirement from Electro- thermal Engineering Ltd. The donation is a fantastic example for our reference collection; not just because of it being spotless; but also because it’s unused and came with its original box!

According to Dick Taylor’s Haynes Manual for the ‘Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank 1983-2001 (FV 4030/4 Model)’ tea and sandwich duty was usually the responsibility of the Loader – since the boiling vessel was located on their side of the turret. However, the crew always had to be careful that their boiling vessel contents did not leak into the charge bins and to stow it away before firing, as it could get in the way of the gun’s recoil.