The Tank Museum | A Numismatics’ Dream

A Numismatics’ Dream

A Collection of Personal WW2 Items has Arrived at The Tank Museum

20th February 2020

A Numismatics’ dream (or a collection of currency to you and me) has arrived at The Tank Museum.

Military Currency Cut Out

The donation relates to 7925448, Trooper Frank Robert Hall, 5th Royal Tank Regiment. Trp. Hall was conscripted into 57th Training Regiment 1st June 1941 and posted to the 6th Royal Tank Regiment in August of that year. He would spend 11 months with the regiment before transferring to 5th Royal Tank Regiment where he would remain until the end of the Second World War. Hall would stay in Germany as part of British Army of the Rhine until his eventual demobbing in 1946.

Alongside the currency collection, the autograph book is a delightful medley of memories. Featured within are watercolour and pen & ink drawings of the English countryside dating from the First World War signed by “V. Hall” or “Vic”, suggesting a previous owner. It even includes a charming ditty on an odd page from 25th August 1920:

“When I this book you look and on this page you frown; just think of the one who spoilt it, by writing upside down”

However, it’s the second half of the book features the main event; a wide range of wartime banknotes likely collected by Trooper Hall from countries he visited during his service, including German and Italian Allied Military Currency (AMC). Allied Military Currency was issued to troops entering liberated and newly occupied countries in an attempt to prevent inflation occurring to an already fragile and damaged economy.

The donation also includes Hall’s 7th Armoured Division insignia featuring the famous red Jerboa and his medals: the Africa Star, the 1939-45 Star, Italy Star, France & Germany Star and the War Medal; though you may notice a slight mix-up in ribbons has occurred between the Africa Star and 1939-45 Star, which is actually a more common occurrence then you might think!