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Disruptions and Closures

What's going on at The Tank Museum

15th October 2019

Exhibition Closures

Second World War Redevelopment

  • Monday 4th November - Friday 6th December – Rolling closures due to vehicle moves and building work.
    WWII Hall, Tank Factory, Battlegroup Afghanistan, and Tamiya Hall will all be closed to the public while vehicles are moving, however we will endeavour to give access when possible. There will be full access at weekends. Please contact if you have enquiries about access to a specific vehicle.
  • January - March: During exhibition construction, half of the WWII Hall will be closed to the public.
Extra Tours
Due to the closures, The Tank Museum will be running extra tours during November, and regular tours of the VCC floor from the 12th of November onwards. 

The Tiger Collection

The Tiger Collection had a very successful and extended run in the Museum. On Monday 4th November the exhibition space was dismantled, and vehicles moved to make way for the WWII Hall renovation project. To read a little more about the Collections vehicles, click the link here.
The Tanks from this exhibition and their new locations can be seen below:

  • Tiger I (131) - Tank Story Hall
  • Jadgtiger - Will be staying in the WWII Hall
  • Tiger II (Production) -  Will be staying in the WWII Hall
  • Tiger II (Pre-Production) - Currently off display and unavailable to view.
  • Sherman 'Fury' - Tamiya Hall
  • T-34/76 - Tank Story Hall

Minor Closures

November 2019
  • Wednesday 27th - RAC Boxing - Tamiya Hall, Afghanistan Exhibition and Indoor Soft Play Area will be closed to the public all day.
Many apologies for any inconvenience caused. Read more on the redevelopment here.

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