Roll of Honour

Allaway William C7886079Royal Tank RegimentAT SEA17 October 19391
Allen William R7887892Royal Armoured CorpsUNITED KINGDOM10 November 19391
Avis Richard256048311th Hussars (Prince Albert's Own)MIDDLE EAST5 November 19391
Bass William C53573013th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary's Own)UNITED KINGDOM27 October 19391
Bellfield Robert W5586063rd The King's Own HussarsUNITED KINGDOM15 September 19391
Bower John R7883155Royal Tank RegimentUNITED KINGDOM25 October 19391
Burn Eric316711Royal Armoured CorpsUNITED KINGDOM30 November 19391
Chaplin Frederick D5372031st The Royal DragoonsMIDDLE EAST1 December 19391
Chapman Charles A5583703rd The King's Own HussarsUNITED KINGDOM8 December 19391
Coles Clifford AE7885623Royal Tank RegimentUNITED KINGDOM3 September 19391
Darvell Edwin T3189789th Queen's Royal LancersUNITED KINGDOM29 September 19391
Dolman Ivan7888714Royal Armoured CorpsUNITED KINGDOM11 November 19391
Dwyer Edwin M7895660Royal Tank RegimentUNITED KINGDOM16 November 19391
Fulford Arthur406652Royal Armoured CorpsUNITED KINGDOM5 December 19391
Gliddon Louis R7886135Royal Tank RegimentUNITED KINGDOM13 September 19391
Hewitt Joseph440444th Queen's Own HussarsUNITED KINGDOM11 December 19391
Hubbard Reginald J67435Royal Tank RegimentFRANCE & BELGIUM CAMPAIGN 39/4027 December 19391
Jarvis George A5490683rd The King's Own HussarsUNITED KINGDOM12 October 19391
Mathew Francis A556980The Cheshire Yeomanry (Earl of Chester's)UNITED KINGDOM10 September 19392
Middleton John W7894443Royal Tank RegimentUNITED KINGDOM20 September 19392