Roll of Honour

Abbott Christopher Arthur30155957The King's Royal Hussars11 April 20173
Adam G N25215411Scots Dragoon GuardsScotland22 July 20194
Armstrong Grant24906146The Light Dragoons4 June 20113
Bekker Petrus Barend Christoffel300365571st Royal Tank Regiment12 March 20143
Bell Malcolm24872116The Light Dragoons16 February 20113
Berry Robert Douglas300376281st The Queen's Dragoon Guards7 June 20113
Blain R D25227845Light DragoonsUnited Kingdom19 September 20194
Bokas Andrew Francis25056846The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys)United Kingdom8 August 20113
Booth Andrew25085730The King's Royal Hussars29 July 20123
Boyce D.A.G.252134231st The Queen's Dragoon GuardsAFGHANISTAN17 November 20113
Brutnell William30216422Royal Horse Guards9 February 20153
Chase Perry William300222659th/12th Royal Lancers8 October 20103
Crowder Danny25192890The Queen's Royal Lancers24 July 20123
Cumming R.P.509506Royal Armoured Corps10 May 20183
Davidson L.P.25083419The Light DragoonsAFGHANISTAN9 September 20123
Duncan Gary24629346The Queen's Own Yeomanry29 April 20123
Dunsby James David Charles25217893Royal Yeomanry30 July 20133
Faiers Paul24769464Household Cavalry18 June 20133
Farr S.W.30163281Royal Tank Regiment9 September 20183
Foley Mark Colin25089950The Light Dragoons4 June 20143