Roll of Honour

Armitage Herbert14556826Reconnaissance CorpsAT SEA24 June 19441
Armitage John E791774914th/20th King's HussarsPERSIA - IRAQ25 August 19411
Armour Benjamin H10601140Reconnaissance CorpsW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4514 August 19441
Armstrong Eric SJ7952843East Riding of Yorkshire YeomanryW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4528 June 19441
Armstrong George T7905608Royal Tank RegimentW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4519 June 19451
Armstrong Gerard B293742Royal Armoured CorpsITALY24 January 19441
Armstrong Joseph7886915Royal Tank RegimentMIDDLE EAST7 September 19421
Armstrong Robert A53506694th/7th Royal Dragoon GuardsW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4523 September 19441
Armstrong Wililam C792495124th LancersW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4513 July 19441
Armstrong Whitworth Keith BA7952332Royal Tank RegimentW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/451 March 19451
Arno Harry792836823rd HussarsW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/453 August 19441
Arno Joseph J7927851Royal Tank RegimentW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4517 April 19451
Arnold Clement P129713Royal Tank RegimentMIDDLE EAST20 June 19421
Arnold Frederick WJ2051570East Riding of Yorkshire YeomanryFRANCE & BELGIUM CAMPAIGN 39/4018 May 19401
Arnold Ronald C78804675th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon GuardsFRANCE & BELGIUM CAMPAIGN 39/4018 May 19401
Arnold Walter H1443802313th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary's Own)W EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/458 September 19441
Arran Ralph14404454Reconnaissance CorpsW EUROPE CAMPAIGN 44/4516 October 19441
Arrowsmith Albert7953251Royal Armoured CorpsUNITED KINGDOM30 May 19421
Arrowsmith Ernest R55194812th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's)ITALY23 June 19451
Arscott Stanley A7907836Royal Tank RegimentMIDDLE EAST27 June 19421