Roll of Honour

Hill SJ2471056716th/5th The Queen's Royal LancersUNITED KINGDOM15 April 19903
Holt Dd25060756The King's Royal HussarsUNITED KINGDOM25 July 19993
Hughes Mw25038368The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys)UNITED KINGDOM6 September 19973
Jobling A25050736The Light DragoonsGERMANY21 September 19973
Jones Am250364181st The Queen's Dragoon GuardsBOSNIA18 July 19963
Kelly Jr25000055The Light DragoonsBOSNIA28 January 19963
Ketchion Lawrence Barnetson24824259Scots Dragoon Guards9 September 19913
Longmuir Ba248675611st Royal Tank RegimentUNITED KINGDOM1 December 19953
Madden RW542338The Light DragoonsBOSNIA28 January 19963
Mcconnell Nj24866250The Royal Dragoon GuardsBELIZE18 December 19923
Mcghee S24824476The Queen's Own HussarsCYPRUS22 May 19913
Mcmillan ME24731726The Queen's Royal HussarsUNITED KINGDOM28 December 19933
Mcseveney J241918741st Royal Tank RegimentUNITED KINGDOM11 February 19943
Meredith Delme Andrew Chase523395The Queen's Own Hussars10 June 19923
Milton Dk25017724Royal Tank RegimentCANADA1 November 19983
Modley DJ243949481st The Queen's Dragoon GuardsUNITED KINGDOM7 May 19993
Mulroe S24795769The Royal Dragoon GuardsBELIZE18 December 19923
Ovington A25021565The Light DragoonsBOSNIA28 January 19963
Owen MD2471034713th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary's Own)CYPRUS7 September 19903
Palmer T24888477The Royal Dragoon GuardsHOLLAND27 December 19923