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The Warthog Armoured All-Terrain Vehicle was introduced into the British Army following the 2008 Warthog Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) for service in Afghanistan.

Warthog is an improved version of Singapore’s Bronco All-Terrain Tracked Carrier. They were fitted with the British Army’s required equipment including a more powerful engine and transmission, digital communications equipment, a situational awareness system, bar armour and electronic devices to counter Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

The Warthog is made up of two fully armoured sections, connected by a hydraulic articulated joint that includes two steering cylinders. The front section seats the driver, commander and two additional crew or passengers. The rear unit has space for eight passengers, four per side, facing inwards.

There are four variants of the Warthog; a troop carrier, a command vehicle, an ambulance and a repair and recovery vehicle.

Constructed of armoured steel, the all-welded hull offers protection from 7.62mm ball small arms fire and shell splinters. Power is provided by a Caterpillar C7 diesel engine paired with an Allison MD 2500 fully automatic transmission, allowing speeds of up to 65kph.

The Tank Museum’s Warthog

The Tank Museum’s Warthog is a troop carrier and part of our running fleet. It isn’t currently on public display.


Tank facts

Country of use
Full Name
Warthog Armoured All-Terrain Vehicle
65 kph
20 tonnes
Secondary Weapon
2 x 4-barrelled 66 mm Thales multipurpose grenade discharger system
Main Weapon
7.62 mm L7A2 General Purpose Machine Gun
Number produced
Produced by
Off Display


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