The Tank Museum is registered with the Charity Commission (UK), with the charity number 1102661.

The Tank Museum submits annual reports and statements to the Charity Commission on an annual basis and this information, along with a list of the Museum’s trustees, is publicly available on The Charity Commission website.

To see The Tank Museum’s entry and associated documents on site, please follow this link (opens in a new tab).

Our Collections Policy

A Museum’s Collections policy outlines the nature of the items it holds and collects.

Download our collections policy here.

Updated 16/4/20

The Tank Museum’s Values

The Museum’s values underpin how we interact with visitors, colleagues and external contractors, and how we go about our work – from selling tickets to customers, to restoring tanks, to designing exhibitions.

We are authoritative and driven, displaying this daily with our enthusiastic and rigorous approach to work.

We display INTEGRITY
We are knowledgeable about our subject and professional in the way in which we conduct our business. We act responsibly and embrace responsibility. Our ethical grounding guides us to do the right thing by our audiences, our supporters, our collections and by each other.

We work hard because we believe in the cause of the organisation. We are welcoming and friendly to our visitors and colleagues. We are fair and considerate of each other, showing great respect for our collections and for the stories we tell.

Driven by an aspiration to be the best, we strive to be better. We channel our creativity and competitiveness to make us innovative, forward thinking and flexible to challenges.