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Project Update

£20,000 in 24 hrs! We have been overwhelmed by your support for our project to return the FV4005 to running order for TANKFEST 2024.

We would like to thank all our supporters who have contributed. While you can no longer buy one of our supporter packages, you can still support this project and The Tank Museum by purchasing our FV4005 merch.

We’re aiming to use all the funds raised to cover The Tank Museum’s FV4005 project costs – but in the event there are no additional costs to be met, donations will be used to support other maintenance and conservation projects being undertaken on museum vehicles in The Tank Museum Workshop.

Fundraising Progress

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20000 out of £20,000 raised

FV4005 History

The FV4005 project began in the 1940s to build a gun able to defeat new Soviet heavy tanks. The 183mm calibre L4A1 remains the biggest gun ever fitted to a tank. The project was abandoned in 1957, and an FV4005 turret was donated to The Tank Museum in 1970, becoming a gate guard in 2008 with a spare Centurion hull. 

The unusual shape has always caused interest, however the popularity of this tank came via videogame creator World of Tanks. Since then the Museum has been receiving numerous requests to get the FV4005 running.

The Restoration Project

This project will conserve and cosmetically restore the turret, reuniting it with a correct Centurion Mark 3 chassis, and remake the gun cradle and other fittings unique to this unusual vehicle.

We need to raise £20,000 – to match the amount generously pledged by World of Tanks. This fundraiser will support the restoration, transport, and purchase of the chassis. The restoration will be undertaken by A W Hewes’ workshop in Leicestershire, you can watch their vlog of the process so far HERE.


Project Partners

World of Tanks, the free-to-play multi-player historical tank video game, has supported The Tank Museum on various projects over the last decade – including TANKFEST, The Tiger Collection exhibition, and the Education Suite.

World of Tanks

Based in Leicestershire, AW Hewes services, repairs, and sells primarily post-war military vehicles. Their tanks have been seen at historic military events across the UK.

AW Hewes

What do I do if I want a different name on the turret/certificate? 

All £50+ tiers will be asked prior to installation what name they would like on the turret.


Does my donation include entry to the Museum or TANKFEST? 

No, if you would like to come and see the FV4005 at TANKFEST, you will need to purchase a ticket separately HERE.


When is TANKEST?

28-30 June 2024.


I want to give this as a gift, will I receive something physical in the post? 

While you will get a certificate for a £50+ donation, this won’t be until later in the project. If you want something to accompany the donation with can be unwrapped on Christmas Day, we recommend some of our special FV4005 merch. Have a browse HERE.

The proceeds from this fundraising appeal will fund the FV4005 project and costs associated with it. The project will include the purchase of a Centurion Mark III hull and its restoration to running condition, the conservation of the turret and main gun and a cosmetic restoration of both items. It will also include the manufacture and fabrication from original drawings of missing parts and fixtures unique to the FV4005. Project costs include labour and the return transportation of the vehicle from The Tank Museum to AW Hewes, and subsequent return journeys. Should the £20,000 target be exceeded, additional funds will be used exclusively for the FV4005 project – unless there are no further costs to be met.
If the amount raised in excess of the total, project costs for the FV4005 then these excess funds will be used to support other maintenance and conservation projects being undertaken on museum vehicles in The Tank Museum Workshop.
Names on the turret of the FV4005 will be in place for at least 2 years from TANKFEST 2024.
Social media thanks and name on Funders webpage will be fulfilled within 30 days of donations being processed. Certificate of appreciation will be sent when your name is placed on the FV4005 turret. 
Special access to the FV4005 at TANKFEST 2024 (28-30 June, times tbc) and tours inside the turret of the FV4005 (exact dates and times tbc) are dependent on the success of the project timelines, but alternative dates will be made available if the project is delayed.
On conclusion of the project, the FV4005 will be on loan to AW Hewes for 5 years – but will appear at military history events across the UK, and will appear annually at The Tank Museum at TANKFEST.

The History of FV4005

Find out more about the FV4005 project, why it started, and why it ended.

Our FV4005

Find the history, specifications, and videos on our FV4005 here.


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