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A Bridge Too Far

The Museum has received a collection of pictures that captured the filming of ‘A Bridge Too Far’, the award winning 1977 war epic that depicted Operation Market Garden….

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Win A Ride In The Tiger 131

The Tank Museum is offering tank fans the chance to ride in the most famous tank of WWII, the Tiger 131, on a day dedicated to the tank, Tiger Day, 27 April….

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Medalling Kids

Experience explosive live tank displays every weekday, 29th March – 14th April at The Tank Museum, and take part in medal-themed family activities….

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March on YouTube

March 2024 – Every month we release new videos about tanks and tank warfare on The Tank Museum’s YouTube channel….

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Tank Tracks to Ukraine

The Museum has collaborated with William Cook Defence Ltd, to reverse engineer a number of Soviet-era vehicles tracks to send to Ukraine….

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M60 Engine donation

Horstmann, part of the RENK group company, has supplied a refurbished AVDS-1790 engine to help keep The Tank Museum’s M60 running….

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