Win a ride in a Tiger 131

The raffle has been drawn and the winner and runners up have all accepted their prizes. If you entered, thank you for supporting the conservation of our historic collection. The raffle for the Tiger Day Autumn ride is still running and will be drawn on the 2nd of September. Find out more here.

The Tank Museum is offering tank fans the chance to ride in the most famous tank of WWII, the Tiger 131, on a day dedicated to the tank, Tiger Day, 27 April.

Tiger 131 is the only running Tiger I in the world and attracts visitors from all over the world. The Tiger had a formidable reputation and was one of the most feared German tanks of WWII.

Tiger 131 was the first Tiger to be captured intact by the Western Allies and is an iconic symbol of tank technology and military might.

The raffle winner will be able to experience the sights and sounds from inside the infamous Tiger 131 around The Tank Museum arena at Tiger Day Spring on 27 April. 2nd and 3rd place winners will also be awarded a ride in a historic WWII tank.

Head of Collections Chris van Schaardenburgh said: “It is over 80 years since the Tiger’s capture, and for every hour of operation, it requires many hours of maintenance from our workshop team.

Experience the sights and sound of the Tiger 131.

It’s just £3 to enter the raffle, and you will be contributing to the preservation of the Museum’s historic tank collection and ensuring that Tiger 131 can be kept in running order for years to come.”

Find out more about entering the raffle and to buy Tiger Day Spring tickets by visiting.

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