Experience Tiger Day

Tiger Day Spring 2024, a day that showcases the infamous Tiger 131, is set to be another sell out event at The Tank Museum.

 Attracting 4,500 people from all over the world the Tiger 131 runs only twice a year in April and September at an exhilarating day dedicated to the most famous tank in the world.

Tiger 131 was the first Tiger I tank to be captured by the Western Allies, 81 years ago in 1943. The capture was so significant that Winston Churchill and King George VI travelled to Tunisia to see the tank before it was shipped to the UK.

“The Tiger tank is arguably our most famous exhibit owing to the infamous reputation it secured during and since the second world war,” said Nik Wyness, Head of Marketing. “Today, we proudly display Tiger 131 as a reminder of the courage displayed by the British troops that fought this tank on a remote Tunisian hillside, capturing it intact and allowing it to be inspected and evaluated here in the UK.”

Tiger 131 gets ready for battle.

Tank fans can experience history live as Tiger 131 takes part in a 45-minute action-packed display, appearing alongside the Panzer III and Kettenkrad, against their Allied counterparts, the Churchill, Sherman ‘Fury’, Comet, and more.

Tiger 131 and Sherman Fury
The Sherman 'Fury' battles the Tiger 131.

Vistors will be able to get up close to these historically significant tanks, hear fascinating talks, and see how crews lived in the living history encampments. Inside the Museum there is a 300 strong collection of military vehicles that will fascinate the moving armour aficionado.

The Tank Museum is also giving Tiger fans the chance to win a ride in its most famous exhibit in a special raffle. One lucky winner will be able to take a seat and be part of the Tiger 131 crew as it battles in the arena.

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