Museum Launches Cambrai Picture Mission

Following the successful appeal to locate a photograph of medal winner Charles Walter Green last year, The Tank Museum has launched a mission to find a picture of Corporal Henry Percy Eidmans. Eidmans was part of the Tank Corps, and fought with a wounded leg during the Battle of Cambrai. He was awarded with the military medal for his fortitude and bravery. 

On the outbreak of WWI, Henry Eidmans joined the Rifle Brigade as a Private. His medal set includes the 1914-15 Star, which meant that he was in theatre between 5 August 1914 and 31 December 1915. Henry later joined the Tank Corps, rising to the rank of Corporal.

Exhibitions Manager, Sarah Lambert, stated: “Photographs capture a moment in time, and a picture of Henry alongside his medals will allow our visitors to connect to his story in a way that words alone cannot always express.”

On 20 November 1917, Eidmans took part in the first large scale tank action of the First World War: the Battle of Cambrai. Over three days, his impressive leadership qualities led to the award of the Military Medal.

“This NCO carried out his duties as tank NCO most efficiently in action on November 20 and 21, 1917, in the attack on Cantaing. He volunteered to join a crew for which an NCO was required for the attack on Fontaine on November 23. On this day he continued at duty in action and did very good work after being wounded in the leg. He has consistently shown fine leadership and great devotion to duty and set a splendid example which has inspired the crews with confidence.”

4 Cambrai medals
Eidman's leadership qualities led to the award of the Military Medal.

The Eidmans medals were donated to The Tank Museum in 1978.  No photographs were included with the donation, and the Museum would like to pay tribute to Henry by including his picture with the display of his medals.

If you can help us, tell Henry’s story, please contact

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