Keeping you safe during your visit

Keeping you safe at The Tank Museum

We want to ensure you enjoy your visit to The Tank Museum in safety and our visitor experience is designed with this in mind.


Safety and Security

  • Our friendly Museum Team is always present, alert and on hand to help visitors who may need assistance. Don’t be surprised if they approach you if you look lost or in need of assistance!
  • Internal and external CCTV is monitored and recorded by team members who are in communication with our team on the ground by phone and radio.
  • As The Tank Museum is on MOD land, we work closely with the local MOD Police and security teams, who regularly patrol the exterior of the site. For added reassurance, we are also joined by additional security during our Special Events – including armed police.
  • We conduct random bag searches at The Tank Museum as a condition of entry. For Special Events, all visitors undergo a bag search. Restricted items (including but not limited to: alcoholic beverages, knives/weapons, fireworks/explosives, illegal substances, laser pens) will be confiscated and illegal items will not be returned.
  • We encourage all our visitors to exercise care not to leave personal items unattended during their visit. We also encourage visitors who spot such abandoned items to report them to a member of staff.

First Aid

  • Fully certificated first-aiders are available to assist visitors with any accidents or health instances that may happen during your visit.
  • The Tank Museum keeps several defibrillators across the site which, our First Aiders are trained to use if needed.
  • During Special Events (TANKFEST and Tiger Day, we also have an ambulance service on site to assist Museum staff and to transport visitors to hospital swiftly in the case of a health emergency.


  • The Tank Museum has a DBS checked safeguarding officer onsite each day who is trained to identify safeguarding risks for our visitors. They have been trained inline with our policy (available here).
  • If you notice any potential safeguarding concerns, please raise them with a member of staff.
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