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Valentine: What’s in a name?

No other tank bears such an un-war like name as The Valentine.  But despite its somewhat ironic nomenclature, the Valentine Infantry Tank was an inspired, if not risky development….

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Building the Tiger Tank

Tank construction has always been a labour intensive, expensive process. The need to increase manufacturing during the Second World War saw existing factories adapt for the job….

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Zimmerit and why

You may notice that the exterior of the Jagdtiger and Production Tiger II have an unusual texture. This is Zimmerit – a protective layer to decrease the magnetic properties of the tank’s armour….

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Tiger Wheels

One of the most distinctive features of the Tiger family is the interleaved and overlapping road wheels….

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The Driver’s Hatch of Tiger 131

The driver’s hatch on Tiger 131 was replaced in May 1943 by the British after capture. The result of this early repair was that Tiger 131 spent several years with an incorrect part fitted….

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The Tigers Repainted

The Tank Museum’s Jagdtiger and Tiger II with pre-production turret were repainted to show how they looked when they were captured in 1945….

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