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The Tank Museum’s Archive holds a copy of the telegram notifying troops of the end of hostilities on the 11 November 1918….

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Tanks at Flers

The Battle of the Somme commenced with a vast British attack on 1 July 1916. On that first day of battle, the bloodiest in the history of the British Army, there were over 57,000 British casualties….

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Joy Bells for Cambrai

On the 105th anniversary of the Battle of Cambrai, we look back at how the victory was celebrated with the ringing of joy bells back home in Britain….

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Savage Rabbits

In early 1918 the Allies awaited a German attack.  Defeating it would be a practical military challenge for the entire British Army, but it also posed a more existential problem for the Tank Corps. …

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The Situation in 1918

Looking back from 2018, we know that the First World War ended with an Allied victory in November 1918.  However back then, as 1917 ended and the New Year dawned, the Allies saw their position as perhaps the worst it had been for a long time.  The Germans, on the other hand, had a small…

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Tank Numbers

Like all military and civilian vehicles before and since the First World War, British tanks were given unique registration, or serial, numbers. …

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