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In the first release for this month, we look at who came out on top between the Chieftain and T-62 in Operation Nasr, Iran – Iraq War, 1981

Panzer III: Versatile Stalwart of The Panzer Force

See inside the Panzer III and discover the story of the most numerous German armoured fighting vehicle of World War II.

Intended as the German Army’s main gun tank, with its brother, the Panzer IV, acting as support, the Panzer III fought in Europe and North Africa but was effectively obsolete by 1942 in the face of better opposition like the Soviet T-34.

So the two changed places – an up gunned Panzer IV becoming the gun tank with the Panzer III – now with a short barreled 75mm gun- in the support role. This wouldn’t last long – but the Panzer III chassis would form the basis of the highly successful Stug III.

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Chieftain V T-62 | Operation Nasr, Iran – Iraq War, 1981

Two tanks designed to fight each other in Northern Europe would face each other during the Iran-Iraq war in 1981. On one side, the British built Chieftain MBT. On the other, the Soviet built T-62. In this video, we examine what happened during Operation Nasr to find out which tank came out on top…

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