Ukraine Exhibition to Launch in 2025

The Tank Museum is developing a new exhibition for 2025, charting the story of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the role of armoured vehicles.

The exhibition will be designed in collabroation with Inspiring Heritage Ltd and will be telling the first-hand stories from Ukrainian tank crews, Royal Tank Regiment soldiers who have delivered training on the Challenger 2 tank and Ukrainian people who have sought refuge in the UK.

Exhibitions Manager, Sarah Lambert, said, “The exhibition will highlight the role of armoured vehicles and how the Royal Armoured Corps specifically is involved in supporting the war effort. Civilians who have fled Ukraine will also feature alongside stories of soldiers serving on the front line.”

The Boiko family, who have now settled in Dorset, shared their experience:

“It was the third day of our family’s permanent life in the basement. The day before, a rocket had landed in the first sub-entrance of our building in a flat on the 4th floor. Our children knew, heard, and understood everything, although they did not see houses or cars burning. They didn’t ask a lot of questions. They just grew up very quickly. At that moment it seemed to all of us that things were very bad, that there was no chance to get out of this hell. Thanks to the little radio through which we could listen to Ukrainian news, we could hear what was happening in the city. The shelling did not stop day or night”.

The Museum's T-72 at Army Firepower demonstration on Salisbury Plain.
The Museum's T-72 at an Army fire demonstration. .

The exhibition launches in Spring 2025 and will display several vehicles including Challenger 2, T-72, FV104 Samaritan, M113 and the Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

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