Villers-Bocage Veteran Charlie Burgess

As part of the Museum’s veteran interview programme, former 8th Hussar, Charlie Burgess was recently filmed about his experiences as a tank driver during the Second World War, including action at Villers-Bocage.

Charlie joined the Army in November 1940 as a 16 year old, initially serving in the Suffolk Regiment.

He then transferred to the Westminster Dragoons where he learnt to drive Covenanter tanks, before going into action in Cromwells, Challenger A30s and Comets.

Charlie fought with the 8th Hussars through the North-West Europe campaign 1944-45 and witnessed the destruction of British tanks by Tiger ace Michael Wittman at Villers-Bocage.

Charlie Burgess, aged 16 joined the Army in 1940. Pictured here in 2017.

He finished the interview with reflections about his crew.

“Wonderful. For the seven months we were together, there was never one bad word. We depended on each other.”

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