D-Day Talks & Tours

A range of free talks and tours about D-Day and the vehicles involved.

20-24 May & 3-7 June

‘On this Day’ Operation Neptune Part One

A short tour exploring 4 Commonwealth and US Tanks of D-Day housed in the Museum’s Tank Story Hall, including the famous “DD” swimming Sherman and the Churchill Crocodile.

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‘On this Day’ Operation Neptune Part Two

A short tour exploring the Tanks of D-Day in the Museum’s World War 2 War Stories Hall.  Including the Tetrarch – a light tank that went to France in a glider – the Churchill AVRE with its ‘Flying Dustbin’ demolition bombs and the only German ‘tank’ to appear on D-Day, the Sturmgeschutz.

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3-7 June, 11:30 & 13:30

“Battle Chats: The Swimming Tanks of D-Day”

By Tuesday 6th June 1944, a vast armada had gathered off the coast of Normandy, France. Through the swirling smoke and dust from a heavy air and naval bombardment, wave after wave of landing craft carrying infantry from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, were now surging towards a 50 mile stretch of beach.

This short talk follows these swimming tanks on all five invasion beaches, as well as focusing on how the weather would affect them.

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Subject to change and staff availability, please check the ‘What’s on board’ on the day. 

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