TANKFEST 2019 Arena Programme

Saturday & Sunday

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Please note this programme is subject to change. Due to the age of the vehicles, we cannot guarantee they will appear in the arena. 

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09:00   Site Opens
09:00 - 10:30   Vehicle Rides
    M548 rides commence in the arena. Additional Charges Apply
10:30   Show Opening
    The Museum Director declares the show open in style…
    Featured vehicles: Leopard 1 and Challenger 2.
10:40   D-Day 75 Convoy
    For the 75th anniversary of D-Day, we present a convoy of the vehicles used in the Allied invasion of Normandy.
    Featured vehicles: Hotchkiss Jeep, Daimler Dingo, Stuart M3, M4 Sherman, Morris Armoured Car, Sherman Firefly, Panther, Valentine DD.
11:10   Battle Groups
    Post-War Main Battle Tanks with the vehicles they fought alongside. 
    Featured vehicles: Centurion, Chieftain, Leopard 1, T-72, Challenger 1.
11:40   British Army Display
    The British Army displays some of the latest modern armour used by its troops in combat. 
    Featured vehicles: Challenger 2, Warrior, Jackal, Titan.
12:10   Recovery and Special Vehicles
    The big beasts needed in tricky situations.
    Featured vehicles: Centurion ARV, Chieftain ARV, Challenger CRAARV.
12:25 - 13:50   Vehicle Rides
    M548 rides commence in the arena. Additional Charges Apply
13:50   British Army Battle
    See the full might of the British armour in an explosive battle scenario. 
    Featured vehicles: Challenger 2, Warrior, Scimitar, Jackal.
14:15   RAC80
    The vehicles which best demonstrate the last 80 years of the Royal Armoured Corps. 
    Featured vehicles: Matilda II, Comet, Centurion, Scorpion.
14:35   Allied vs Axis
    Second World War British, American and Soviet tanks meet their German counterparts. 
    Featured vehicles: Panther, T-34/85, Sherman 'Fury', Sherman Firefly, Panzer III, StuG III, Kettenkrad, Kübelwagen, Sd.Kfz. 251. 
14:50   German Support Vehicles
    Motorbikes, trucks and light vehicles that supported the German tanks of the Second World War. 
    Featured vehicles: Kettenkrad, Kübelwagen, Zündapp 750.
15:00   German Second World War Armour
    Display of WWII German tanks and tracked vehicles.
    Featured vehicles: Panzer III, Guest Vehicles TBC.
15:10   British Second World War Armour
    British Armour from each theatre of war of WWII: BEF in 1940, North Africa, Italy, Burma, and Western Europe.
    Featured vehicles: Matilda I, Matilda II, Valentine, Sherman Fury, Comet, Type 95 Ha-Go, Guest Vehicles TBC.
16:00   Cold War Warriors
    An extensive array of tanks that never quite came to blows.
    Featured vehicles: Leopard 1, Centurion, Type 59, T-72, M103, M60, Chieftain, Challenger 1.  
16:35   Carousel
    This year's highlight vehicles make a circuit of the arena.
    Featured vehicles: Matilda II, Chieftain, M60, Leopard 1, Challenger 1, Challenger 2, Guest Vehicles TBC. 
16:45   Vehicle Rides
    M548 rides commence in the arena. Additional Charges Apply

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28.06.2019 - 30.06.2019

Presented by World of Tanks, the world's biggest display of historic moving armour

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