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Victoria Cross: Cecil Sewell

One of the most moving stories of the WWI soldiers in The Tank Museum is that of Lieutenant Cecil Sewell, who gave his life to save those of another tank crew….

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The Cockcroft

In August 1917, the new Tank Corps had to prove their worth. This was done by the taking of Cockcroft – a German pillbox – during Third Ypres. …

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The Battle of Passchendaele – Into Battle

Third Ypres, or Passchendaele, was a controversial battle at the time and has remained so ever since.  Disagreement exists over whether it should have been fought at all, over the tactics used and over whether the casualties were worth the gains. …

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German Tanks at Kursk

The attacking German forces at Kursk amassed 777,000 men and around 2500 tanks and assault guns. This was about 70 per cent of all their tanks on the Eastern Front. …

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Tank Men: Albert Baker

Another member of the first Tank Corps who is represented in the Tank Men exhibition is Albert Baker, the chemist who won two Military Crosses during the First World War. …

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